Ojai Retreat & Inn – Who We Are

Ojai Retreat & Inn is located in the heart of the Ojai Valley – one of the most beautiful spots on earth. The facilities of this Ojai inn include a Main House and four cottages containing a total of twelve guest rooms. There is also a spacious Living/Conference room with panoramic views and a Quiet Room for studying and reading.

Ojai Retreat & Inn is a five acre secluded/wooded hilltop property with a variety of lawns and patios, walkways and spectacular views of the Ojai Valley on all sides. We welcome individuals, couples and groups.

Ojai Retreat & Inn occasionally offers cultural events in the areas of spirituality, the environment, the arts, health and education. For more information, please visit: http://www.ojairetreateducationcenter.org/

Meet the people behind the scenes that make Ojai Retreat a magical and memorable place to be:

Board of Directors
Carl Olmstead, President
Ulrich Brugger, Vice President
Jeff Goodman, Secretary
Alan Harr, Treasurer
Sultana Parvanta
Cor Overweg

Advisory Board Members
Tom Ash
Claude Bobillier
Lisa Aronson
Catherine Ann Jones
Earl Bates
Joan Roberts
Rick Streitfeld

Honorary Board Members
Paula Spellman
Elaine Needham
Doriane McCord
Elizabeth Suti
Rebecca Howes
Nick Frangakis
Michael Critelli
Dr. J. Hiranandani
Sajo Camara
Reza Faraz
Fran Faraz

Ulrich Brugger, Executive Director
Lauren Deneen, Office Manager
Dana Karpain, Office Manager
Lucy Pacheco, Bookkeeper
Esmeralda Castaneda, Housekeeper
Maria Ponce, Housekeeper
Amelia Toledo, Housekeeper
Ria Sawyer, Breakfast Caterer
Rachel Taft, Breakfast Caterer

“The Ojai Valley is internationally known as a sacred place of exceptional beauty and spiritual significance. The Ojai Retreat exemplifies the very best that Ojai has to offer.” – Suza Francina, former Mayor, City of Ojai