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Ojai Retreat & Inn Events


March 9, 7pm: JOHN MUIR LIVE “Getting Near The Heart of The World”. A dramatic first-person presentation by Muir actor DON BALDWIN. For over a decade, Baldwin has been thrilling audiences with his powerful portrayal of America’s most famous naturalist. Baldwin will focus on the events in Muir’s life, both heartwarming and heartbreaking, that helped Muir fulfill his deepest passion, to get “as near the heart of the world” as he could. The program will also include a showing of Baldwin’s inspiring short film, John Muir’s Beloved Yosemite, with stunning Yosemite photography, and music by world-famous composer Michael Hoppe. Suggested donation $10-$20. This is a benefit for The Ojai Retreat’s ‘post-fire relief fund.’

March 10, 9:30am – 12:30pm: MID-MONTH DEVOTIONAL with Rev. Karen Wylie, “Waking Up to Our True Identity”. A meditative morning of inner reflection, quiet walks, wisdom talks, sharing and sacred songs. For details contact Rev. Karen Wylie at 310-968-8928. By love offering: $20 suggested. This event is organized by Karen Wylie.

March 19, 7pm: OUR MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE: the scientific understanding of the origin and development of the universe (part 1), by Professor P. Krishna, PhD in physics.

March 21, 7pm: OUR MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE: the scientific understanding of the origin and development of the universe (part 2), by Professor P. Krishna, PhD in physics.

March 22, 7pm: OUR MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE: Blavatsky’s Teachings on the origin and development of the universe, by Pablo Sanders, Krotona.

More talks and dialogues will be held by Professor P. Krishna between March 18 and May 11. Topics will be announced when finalized. See The Ojai Retreat website and next newsletter.

All events are organized by The Ojai Retreat Education Center, unless otherwise stated.

About Ojai, California

Ojai is situated in a small east-west valley, north of Ventura and east of Santa Barbara. It is approximately 15 miles inland from the Pacific coast.

Since Ojai is lined up with an east-west mountain range, it is one of few towns in the world to have a “Pink Moment” occur as the sun is setting, when the fading sunlight creates a brilliant shade of pink for several minutes on the Topatopa Bluffs at the east end of the Ojai Valley, over 6,000 feet above sea level. Nordhoff Ridge, the western extension of the Topatopa Mountains, towers over the north side of the town and valley at more than 5,000 feet. Sulphur Mountain creates the southern ranges bounding the Ojai Valley, a little under 3,000 feet in elevation.

The Ventura River flows through the Ventura River Valley, draining the mountains surrounding Ojai to the north and east and emptying into the Pacific Ocean at the city of Ventura.

The climate of Ojai is Mediterranean, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild winters, with lows at night sometimes below freezing. As is typical for much of coastal southern California, most precipitation falls in the form of rain between the months of October and April, with intervening dry summers.

The town of Ojai and its surrounding area is home to many unique recreational activities. Los Padres National Forest borders the town on the north, and many backcountry areas within the forest are accessible from Highway 33, which is the major highway through town south to north. To the west, the Lake Casitas Recreation Area offers camping, picnicking, and hiking as well.