Ojai Retreat & Inn Events



  • August 19, 10:30am – 1pm: Monthly Devotional with Rev. Karen Wylie. Come together to be part of the evolving consciousness individually and collectively which is happening on the planet at this time. For details contact Rev. Karen Wylie at 310-968-8928. Love offering: $20 suggested. There is another meditation on September 9.  These meditations are organized by Rev. Wylie.
  • August 25, 7 – 8:30pm: Full Moon Meditation with Dr. Lisa Love: This event is organized by Lisa Love. Donations welcome.
  • September 12, 7 pm: Simon Lewis, Ted Talk speaker, film and television producer and author, will be giving a special presentation on ‘Where Science meets Spirit’.  Born in London, Lewis earned a law degree from Christ’s College Cambridge and Boalt Hall, Berkeley, when he moved to Los Angeles. His Hollywood experience includes managing writers, directors and stars, as well as producing Look Who’s Talking, critically acclaimed films such as The Chocolate War, the Emmy-winning international co-production for HBO and ITV Central A Month of Sundays (Age Old Friends), and variety specials starring Howie Mandel. Simon survived a catastrophic car accident and near death experience. Simon wrote a memoir called Rise & Shine using his personal story to illustrate deep and universal insights about consciousness.
  • September 13, 7 pm: Talk on the ‘Spiritual Approach to Death’ by Dr. Lisa Love: $10 donation suggested. This event is organized by Dr. Lisa Love.
  • September 17, 7pm: Professor Mozayeni, State University of New York, New Paltz, Economics Professor: “Three Empirical Studies Of Meditative Effect Of Khavarani’s Painting Style: An Application In Healthcare” followed by a Q&A. Dr. Khavarani, Los Angeles, Father of Abstract Romanticism: “What Is Art And What Is The Opposite Of Art” followed by a Q&A.
  • September 27, 7pm: Talk by Sirena Pellarolo, PhD, on Early Tango Women. Multimedia presentation which will discuss gender ambiguity in early tango culture and the creation of the modern feminine in Argentina.

Unless otherwise stated these events are organized by The Ojai Retreat and Education Center, a non-profit, public organization (501,c,3).

About Ojai, California

Ojai is situated in a small east-west valley, north of Ventura and east of Santa Barbara. It is approximately 15 miles inland from the Pacific coast.

Since Ojai is lined up with an east-west mountain range, it is one of few towns in the world to have a “Pink Moment” occur as the sun is setting, when the fading sunlight creates a brilliant shade of pink for several minutes on the Topatopa Bluffs at the east end of the Ojai Valley, over 6,000 feet above sea level. Nordhoff Ridge, the western extension of the Topatopa Mountains, towers over the north side of the town and valley at more than 5,000 feet. Sulphur Mountain creates the southern ranges bounding the Ojai Valley, a little under 3,000 feet in elevation.

The Ventura River flows through the Ventura River Valley, draining the mountains surrounding Ojai to the north and east and emptying into the Pacific Ocean at the city of Ventura.

The climate of Ojai is Mediterranean, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild winters, with lows at night sometimes below freezing. As is typical for much of coastal southern California, most precipitation falls in the form of rain between the months of October and April, with intervening dry summers.

The town of Ojai and its surrounding area is home to many unique recreational activities. Los Padres National Forest borders the town on the north, and many backcountry areas within the forest are accessible from Highway 33, which is the major highway through town south to north. To the west, the Lake Casitas Recreation Area offers camping, picnicking, and hiking as well.